"Russian Seasons" in Australia. Canberra. Residence of the Ambassador of Russia.

"Russian Seasons" in Australia. Canberra. Residence of the Ambassador of Russia.
On 30 March 2017 the reception devoted to the culturological research of the picture by French artist of the XIX century Zoe-Laure de Chatillon “Slave”. The picture was created in 1871 in France, found and bought in Australia in 2005, restored in Russia and opened to public for the first time.
When opening the evening Ambassador mentioned that the Embassy initiated project “The Russian Seasons” in Canberra. The idea is that the Ambassador’s Residence opens its doors to all the spheres of culture and arts and partly adopts functions of the Russian Culture center (its opening in Canberra is hard to predict). Artist, art historian, collector and owner of the picture Anatoly Golobokov did the presentation of the research. He told that had bought the picture in an antique store in Australia. It was almost in dire state, the broad-scale restoration was needed. Russian specialists restored the picture or, better to say, returned the second life to it. They used the newest technologies which allow to restore the initial picture without any nonreversible changes for the canvas. Further research of the picture showed its deep symbolic and ideological meaning. Few years were spent to interpret it. The presentation was in Russian, translated into English by daughter of Anatoly and Marina Golobokov Ekaterina.
The guests also had an opportunity to enjoy two masterpieces by Anatoly Golobokov: two pictures made of stone in Florentine mosaic technique, which are of the highest level of difficulty in monumental section of arts. The Memorial Fund of Carl Faberge sent the welcome address to the Ambassador of Russia to congratulate him with the opening of the new culture project at the Residence.
More than eighty guests attended the presentation. Representatives of the diplomatic corps, Russian community, fine art and artistic circles, scientific public sphere, teachers of painting and sculpture were among them. Swedish artist and sculptor, who lives in Australia, Ms Ingrid Orfali was one of the attendees. Her name is included into the encyclopedia of the contemporary European art.
The article dedicated to the evening at the Residence of the Ambassador was also published in "Unification" newspaper "Russian seasons" in Canberra"