РабыняOn 30 March 2017 the reception devoted to the culturological research of the picture by French artist of the XIX century Zoe-Laure de Chatillon “Slave”. The picture was created in 1871 in France, found and bought in Australia in 2005, restored in Russia and opened to public for the first time.

Valentin Skurlov

V.V. Skurlov conducts an inspection of the Imperial Easter eggs Carl Faberge "Coronation".

Status of the Order

Status A.K. Denisov-Uralsky Order.

Honorary decoration “Alexey Kozmich Denisov-Uralsky” Order was established in February 2008 in Saint-Petersburg, in commemoration of prominent Russian artist, stonecutter, gemmologist, entrepreneur and public figure A.K. Denisov-Uralsky (1864-1926), he was one of the founders of “Russian semi-precious stones” society in Saint-Petersburg.

The idea of the order belongs to V.V.Skurlov. Outline of the order was developed by B.N. Kharitonov, the distinguished artist of the Russian federation, holder of the Carl Fabergè Order (Ekaterinburg). In Outline of the Order the coat of arms of Romanov’s monarchic stock “Romanov’s gryphon” was utilised, which testifies that stonecutter A.K. Denisov-Uralsky, for many years, has provided highly artistic stonecut and jewellery items to the highest court. Gryphon holds the shield with Saint- Petersburg’s coat of arms. In Petersburg – Petrograd A.K. Denisov-Uralsky lived about 30 years, in 1902-1918 he had a company and a shop. At the bottom of the Gryphon there are crystals of the precious stones. Order is made from silver with gilding, enamelling and nephritis spade overlays at jewellery works “Alpha (Saint-Petersburg). It is allowable to produce golden versions using precious and semiprecious stones as well as jasper, lapis lazuli and cacholong. Order is worn on the neck on amethyst coloured ribbon, stored in a wooden case.

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