Roman Micromosaics Project

Roman Micromosaics Project
The project Roman micromosaics of Anatoly Golobokov's studio

The Wave Project

Smalt material

Projects of student micromosaics.

The Roman Micromosaic project. Frog.

The Roman Micromosaic project. Beatle.

Beginning. Two months of work.

Two more months of work. Within 10-12 hours, it is possible to lay out the area of the micromosaic only about two square centimeters.

Two more months of work. A total of 6 months.

Four more months of work.

Continuation. Within 10 months, the work was completed.

The icon was consecrated in the male Orthodox monastery of the Transfiguration of the Lord near the city of Bombila, in Australia, by Archimandrite Alexey on May 27, 2021.