Florentine mosaic "Annunciation" 68x48 cm. 1993. Jasper, chrysoprase, tiger iron, tiger eye, marble, magnesite, serpentine, irnimite, petrified wood, plasma, rhodonite, agates
The first large-scale work on religious topics. Created under the impression of classic works of art and based on them. The Archangel Gabriel appears to the virgin Mary with the Good news that she will become the mother of the Messiah Jesus Christ. Both figures are depicted hovering, lifted from the floor and their conversation is overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, the dove depicted in the center of the composition. In this work, the principle of one-point perspective is applied, i.e. all lines of construction of the internal architecture of the Cathedral: the capitals of columns, floor mosaics converge to the head of a dove, which traditionally symbolizes the Holy Spirit.


26 March 2020