Russian born Anatoly Golobokov is an architect jewellery designer, art and antiques collector and, above all, a unique Florentine Mosaic artist.

Since starting his own workshop and art school in 1990, Anatoly's professional life has been devoted to the art of Florentine Mosaic and perfecting its techniques.

Florentine Mosaic, as the name implies, was developed in Florence at the end of 14th century. Slices of natural, precious and semi-precious stones are cut hand-polished, lined up with one another and then carefully positioned in the overall design with no gaps, forming unique exclusive masterpieces easily mistaken with paintings.

Over the years Anatoly has perfected his techniques and developed his own unique and creative style of mosaic He selects stones according to their attributes, which dictate the design and mood of his mosaics. He concentrates on finding the perfect colour of the stone slices and then joins incredibly small pieces together based on their texture to create most intricate details of eyes, faces and hands. His attention to the smallest details and use of stone imperfections to his advantage allows otherwise cold and emotionless stones come to life and shine with their inner glow of vibrant colours and wonderful textures.

Main subjects of Anatoly's works are religious themes, modem interpretation of Biblical stories, including traditional Orthodox icons. Many of these religious pieces have been blessed by the Russian Orthodox Church and have been included in a number of Churches as part of their interiors.

Anatoly's mosaics are among private collections In Russia, Australia, United States, Japan and many other countries. His pieces have been given as gifts to former Presidents of Russian Federation (Putin and Yeltzin), Former Prime Ministers of Japan (Mr Mori and Mr Koidzumi), His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh, AI Solzhenitsyn, as well as Olympic Swimming Champion Alexander Popov, Russian Patriarch Aleksei II and Russian Museum of St Petersburg, firms "Honda" and "Samsung".

Anatoly's work is highly valued due to its unique style, brilliant execution and special attention to the details of the faces. In each of his pieces he has put his heart and soul to breathe warmth into hard stones and bring them to life. His mosaics are incredibly valuable.The colours will never fade or go dull, there is no paint to crack or tall off, they are truly timeless and will survive through the centuries.

Presentation icons Patriarch Kirill. 2014.
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