The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

Florentine mosaic "the Holy Trinity". 85x65cm. 1995 year. Iremit, Jasper, agates, tiger's eye
The main dogma of the Christian faith of all denominations is the Trinity of God-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy spirit. Traditionally, the three hypostases of God are depicted in Orthodox iconography as Angels. The composition contains three angels that symbolize the three-dimensionality of the world around us, width, depth (length) and height. On the sky-sah at an angle of 120 degrees, three hypostases of Angels are connected, which, touching with Golden halos, create a graphic spiral of time. Space and Time form the firmament of the temple, where the planets of the three-dimensional universe are located. In the Temple of God the Father is always present everywhere-the real Holy spirit, inside the temple a soaring bird and a Cup as symbols of the sacrifice of God the Son. These are emblems of the Triune God, where all hypostases exist in complete unity. In iconography, the Trinity of God is represented by the Union of three Angels, silently conversing at a table. The most famous icon of the XV century was painted by Andrey Rublev. Every angel has its own emblem of God the Father–Dom, God the Son is the tree of life, the Holy Spirit's highest mountain).


27 March 2020