Annunciation. Heaven.

Annunciation. Heaven.

Florentine mosaic "Annunciation. Heaven." 65x45 cm. 2018. Jasper, serpentine, tiger iron, tiger's eye, irnimite, lapis lazuli, magnesite, labradorite, lilac brusite, prazem, bull's eye, faceted tourmaline
The work attempts to reflect the essence of the dogma about the Immaculate conception of Jesus Christ, that the Holy virgin Mary immaculately conceived at the time when she received the Good News. She heard the divine Will when she received this information. The main semantic center of the composition is the left side of the face of the virgin Mary, the place where her ear under cover of the cloak (the traditional clothing of the virgin), Golden border which is connected with the information halo, Golden and blue glow around the head of the virgin Mary. She listens and hears the Good News. The universal significance of this event is emphasized by the heavens surrounding the Central face. Outer space, cloudy earth blue sky, sunset on the left and dawn on the right. The sky and time of day under which the event occurred. The composition's periphery is completed by the gold of the information field. (The Church dogma about the Immaculate conception of Jesus Christ was approved in 431 at the third All-Lena Council in Ephesus and is shared by all Christian denominations. Many artists of the Early Renaissance emphasized this event in their works, depicting the Holy virgin Mary listening to the Good news with an open ear.
«Annunciation. Heaven.» Fragment


09 December 2019